What should ideal indoor humidity be in my home ?

What should the ideal indoor humidity level be in my home, basement or crawl space ?


Well, according to the American Medical Assocoation, and the American Lung Association, inside humidity levels should not be above 50%. At levels of over 60%, presents very conducive conditions for mold and mildew to grow. This is the cause many suffer from indoor allergens such as mold, and dust mites.

Many people are misled to believe that increasing air circulation, or bringing in fresh outside air, will lower moisture levels in their home. Well, neither of these methods are effective. Increasing air circulation is crucial, but only when combined with a high capacity basement or crawlspace dehumidifier such as the whole house Horizon Vert, or the Horizon 50  crawl space dehumidifiers. For effective mold and mildew control, you need a reliable Horizon dehumidifier.  Horizon is made for Air Cleaning Equipment , in Broadway NC.

By bringing outside air inside, you only cause indoor humidity levels to rise, because frequently the outside levels are higher than 50%. Temperature differentials between indoors and outdoors, especially in the summer months, cause a condensation effect to occur. This causes moisture to rise in the home. In severe temperature differences, mold and mildew growth can occur.

By decreasing indoor moisture levels to below 50%, it also makes it impossible for dust mites to live. This is an added benefit of maintaining proper levels in your home.

Other benefits of proper indoor humidity levels in the home, are the reduction of that clammy feeling, reduction of the musty smells coming form the basement or crawl space, improved efficiency of central air systems, and the reduction of pest infestations such as termites, wood boring beetles, and carpenter ants.

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