What are proper dehumidifier settings for my basement or crawl space ?

Dehumidifier settings can change depending on the conditions of your home, basement or crawlspace. It is important to have proper dehumidifier settings, or you can risk having the humidity too high, which can lead to mold and mildew growth, or too low, which really adds no additional benefit, and causes the dehumidifier to run more than it has to, consuming more energy.

So what should the proper dehumidifier settings be? Well, that depends on your dehumidifier. It's easier to think of proper settings in terms of what's needed in your home.

The settings need to be such as to maintain a 48-50% Relative Humidity (RH).  This is recommended bu the American Medical Association, the American Medical Association, and the EPA. If the RH is below 48%, and your dehumidifier is running, it's running for no benefit whatsoever. You can buy an inexpensive RH meter at your local home improvement store for a few bucks. With maintaing humidity levels over 60%, you are at great risk for mold and mildew growth.

With many dehumidifiers, freeze ups, malfunctions, and down time due to a full bucket are a common issue. Because of this, most dehumidifiers never accomplish the goal of maintaining RH at 48-50%.

Introducing Horizon Dehumidifiers .Horizon offers great solutions to even the most difficult situations.


Some of Horizon Dehumidifiers features are:

  • Large Area Coverage up to 3500 SF
  • Hot Gas bypass prevents freeze ups down to 33 degrees F
  • Little to no filter replacement costs
  • Larger blower CFM up to 360
  • 50-100 PPD capacities
  • Ductable
  • Gravity drain, No buckets to empty
  • Optional pump kits
  • Energy Star Rated 4.2 Amps-6.6 Amps
  • Priced below the competition
  • Free Shipping to lower 48
Call Jim Raifsnider at 717-940-9029 to see how Horizon Dehumidifiers can help you solve your dehumidifying needs. Once proper dehumidifer settings are obtained, you will enjoy years of reliable operation with Horizon Dehumidifiers..